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Woo hoo! Today’s the day!!!!! Murder on the Last Frontier is officially out in the wide world!!!

MotLF Cover.jpg

Am I excited? Just a wee bit 🙂

MotLF has been getting some mixed reviews (You can find them at GoodReads and Amazon, mostly) but overall people seem to enjoy the series. The setting, Alaska in 1919, and Charlotte’s identity as a suffragette are often noted as the draw. That’s cool. I like being a little different ; )

Let’s start this grand day with a giveaway of some ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies). They aren’t the “out in the store” prints, having the disclaimer of some minor, uncorrected boo-boos, but those who have read them haven’t pointed out issues.

If you’d like an ARC, leave a comment saying so. Make sure there’s viable email address so I can contact you for your mailing address (DO NOT put that in the comment. We don’t want you to have issue.) I am willing to send wherever. Yes, internationally. I’ll give away 5 or 10. We’ll see 😉

Thanks for sharing this with me!

Buy Murder on the Last Frontier on Amazon B&N Kobo and other fine retailers : )

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Watch This Space!

Caught_In _Amber_LibraryI recently received hard copies of my SFR Caught in Amber from the head office at Harlequin/Carina. I had entered CiA in this year’s RWA Rita contest, but it didn’t final, so the hard copies are sent to the authors to do with as they wish. But since CiA DID win TWO Prism awards (Best Futuristic and Best of the Best) I wan to celebrate.

I’ll sign the copies and give them away. Well, most of them. I want to keep one for myself : ) Being published in ebook format has great advantages, but I will admit a certain joy in holding a hard copy of my book. And I want to share that joy!

At some point in the near future, I’ll be giving away three or four signed copies.There are only so many in existence, so that should mean something, right? Maybe I’ll throw in a little something to celebrate Deep Deception taking third in the Futuristic category of the Prisms as well.

But how to do it? Comment on a post? A Twitter contest? Make suggestions in the comments here and we’ll figure something out together ; )

Deep Deception final

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Sci Spanks Anthology Is Here!

You may have noticed that my Sci Spanks 2014 post Jen & Maddy is no longer up. That’s because

SCI SPANKS ANTHOLOGY!!!!!!! SciSpanks Antho (213x320)

is here! The ebook anthology containing 15 of the 17 stories/authors featured in last month’s Sci Spanks event are in one volume. My story, Jen & Maddy is among them. And for only $0.99 you REALLY can’t go wrong here : )

There’s something for everyone, if you like a little naughty or a little more ; ) I had a lot of fun creating my story and loved reading the others. Here’s the Goodreads description.

Buy it at Amazon, for Kobo, and All Romance, among others!

Thanks to Kate Richards for getting the anthology together, the Cover Artisan for a FABULOUS cover, and Anastasia Vistsky for coming up with a fun idea!


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THE WHOLE TRUTH about Jody Wallace

It’s been WAY too long since the lovely and talented Jody Wallace has visited. She has a new book out, THE WHOLE TRUTH (fab cover, isn’t it????), as well as a bunch of other fantastic stories. Jody is one of the most creative, smart and funny people I know.

no images were found

Recently, we got into a little conversation about writing “The End” and self-publishing. TWT is one of her indie offerings. She also has books out with Carina Press and Samhain.

JODY: So, Cathy, tell me about your recent accomplishment of writing “THE
END” on a new novel?

CATHY: Wait, I thought this was a guest post about YOU? OK, fine, I’ll start. In a few simple words, it was a relief. I was months behind where I wanted to be. But in my defense (pathetic as it is) there was a lot of research required.

What about you? How do you feel when those two little words get added?

JODY: Relieved that I wasn’t fooling myself all along about this book idea, since I just made a book out of it. I plan to write THE END on a manuscript this week, in fact.

CATHY: Yay to that! But I get what you’re saying. Sometimes, the more I read through a work in progress the more I think, “Man, this is the dumbest thing ever!” then the manic writer in me wakes up and is all, “Holy cow! This rocks!” I’m very VERY glad you put out THE WHOLE TRUTH. It’s definitely in the “This rocks!” category.

JODY: Thanks! It’s a very cross-genre book — light urban fantasy mixed with chick lit snark mixed with Southern fiction mixed with romance subplots –so I opted to self-publish it. Publishing a manuscript is kind of the ultimate THE END, or it used to be. Once you contracted it, you were forced to quit tinkering with it, aside from official edits or the anniversary revised edition twenty years after the fact.

Self-publishing is mostly like that–although the temptation is there to continue revising a manuscript once it’s published, because you have good ideas and because you can. I’ve found a few typos in my self-published work so far and, of course, I’ve updated the “About Me” section on occasion, but I’ve never given into the urge to really tinker.

Do you think you could resist that urge if you self-published?

CATHY: If I found typos, I’d fix them, or other formatting/mechanics issues. But I’d like to think that would be about it. Sure, after a book is out, I sometimes think, “Oh! I should have____!” but having it in someone else’s hands has helped me let it go.

What’s been the best aspect of self publishing for you?

JODY: I’ll get back to you on that when I get rich quick. Or slow. I don’t care. I just want a tornado shelter.

Until then, I can tell you a few things I like, without them being “the best”, right? I enjoy working with the cover artists myself instead of hoping the publisher gets it right. I appreciate being able to change my book blurb, my key words, and so on, tweaking that information, if not the book itself, to increase visibility. I also like being able to give free copies away willy-nilly. If only more people wanted them!

CATHY: I’d take a get rich slow scheme too. Well, in my lifetime, anyway.

Those are great aspects of self publishing. What about the not so great? (Other than the get rich too slow times). What do you find to be more frustrating compared to “traditional” publishing?

JODY: When you’re self publishing, it all comes down to you and the decisions you’ve made. So if your book doesn’t move, it’s you who made the “bad” calls, so to speak. Granted, publishing, especially self publishing, is so erratic that the same author could do the exact same thing with two equally polished books, and one could bomb and one could fly off the cybershelves. That’s partly true with traditional publishing, although in those instances, there are even more factors out of an author’s control than in self publishing. So you can change things in self publishing…but all the stress and blame are yours, too.

Why don’t you tell us about your latest project and then I’ll tell you about THE WHOLE TRUTH?

CATHY: Wait, aren’t you the guest? Why are we talking about *my* project? I can do that any time.

Tell us about THE WHOLE TRUTH. I’ve read this a while ago and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Without spoilers, give us a little insight in to the types of folks who populate TWT.

JODY: I asked you first.

CATHY: *rolls eyes at Jody* Fine. It’s a cozy murder mystery set in 1919 Alaska, the town I currently live in, specifically. The story is sort of based on the murder of a “sporting woman” and her baby that happened in the ’30s or ’40s, but for some reason I decided earlier in the century sounded more interesting. It’s not like any of my other stuff. No space travel, ghosts or anything like that.

Your turn.

JODY: THE WHOLE TRUTH is what happens when you love chick lit, paranormal, urban fantasy, superheroes, snarky heroines, unexpected settings, office politics, food, cats and espionage all at the same time. Our heroine, Cleo, can see lies — a shadow forms in front of a liar’s face and mouths the true words. She thinks she’s the only person in the world like herself, but eventually, her unusual web searches and pointed commentary on internet blogs gets her caught, NSA-style, by a group of suprasensors who want to hire her.

But the group who hired her aren’t the only suprasensors in the world. And somebody out there seems to want to put suprasensors in comas. Or worse. It’s up to Cleo to get to the bottom of the mystery, and it really, really shouldn’t be up to Cleo, because she’s only a superhero in her abilities. Or that’s what she thinks

CATHY: I love Cleo. She’s a great snarky, reluctant heroine. My favorite kind :). And I’m sure once someone reads THE WHOLE TRUTH they’ll want more more more!

Do you have plans for other suprasensors’ stories?

JODY: That’s one of the worst pitfalls of self publishing and writing “on spec”, so to speak. You have to decide how to invest your energies. THE WHOLE TRUTH is not a short book. A sequel would consume months of my work-time to finish. (And by the way, anybody who snarks that books shouldn’t take that long to write can jump in a lake, because we’re ALL DIFFERENT, from process to product, thank God.) So, just like with any business, you have to decide if there’s enough probable profit to merit the project. Pleasure, yes, there would be pleasure in revisiting Cleo and the gang, but is that how I should spend six months of my time? Do my sales merit it? Or would I be better off investing my time in something else?

To make a long answer short, I don’t know.

CATHY: I can understand the reasoning behind that not so short response.

So while you’re busy promoting TWT and your other fab works, what are you writing? Can you share?

JODY: Letters to my children’s teachers. The book I’m about to write “THE END” on is the sequel to Tangible, which is through Samhain Publishing.

It was written on spec, it’s very long, and it’s taken a lot of time. I have no guarantee of a contract, but I enjoy working with my Samhain editor and have high hopes! After that? I want to write something short. What’s next for you?

CATHY: Good luck with the spec book! It’s great to have an editor who “gets” you, isn’t it?

For me? Good question I have a short, probably freebie SFR in mind as well as a longer SFR and a paranormal historical I’ve been chipping at. And others. I’m in a sort of limbo state, so I need something to really grab my attention. Unfortunately, what grabs *my* attention isn’t necessarily something that will be sellable ; P

JODY: I know that feeling well! And on that note…

Thanks so much for chatting with me, Jody!

Dear Readers, be sure to pick up Jody’s book THE WHOLE TRUTH. It is one of the most unique reads around. And check out Jody’s other books. You won’t be disappointed!

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Caught in Amber Release Week Giveaway!

Some have asked about the title of my new release Caught in Amber from Carina Press. To be honest, it was one of the easier titles to come up with, if not the easiest. Which is unusual for me. Getting the title to fit the story can be a struggle. But this one popped into my head practically from day one of sitting at the computer and typing “Chapter One.” It fit. It was meaningful. I loved it.

To be “caught in amber” means to be addicted to a very powerful drug in my fictional world. It’s insidious, prompting the user to everything and anything for the next hit. Sasha James, the heroine of the story, did a lot of things she’d rather forget to score a dose. Not pretty. But at the time, she couldn’t resist the lure of the drug. And after a stint in rehab, it requires the help of nanobots to keep the need at bay.

Whether it’s physical or psychological, addiction is like that. A user doesn’t *want* to be a slave to the drug, but the pull is too strong. They are stuck, unable to break free without help.

And this is where the science geek in me comes in : ) The moment the phrase “caught in amber” hit my brain I thought of actual amber, of course. Critters stuck in beautiful golden resin, perfectly preserved. I imagined these creatures, millions of years ago, going about their business. At first, perhaps, their tiny legs were able to pull out of a thin layer of sap as it flowed. But then, intent on whatever they were doing, didn’t realize they were stuck until it was too late. More sap flowed, engulfing them, and eventually the viscous substance hardened. Caught, forever, in amber.

To celebrate the release of Caught in Amber, I thought along with a copy of the book I’d offer up a couple of super pieces of amber.

Well, pre-amber or copal, anyway. From talking to my friend Allen Marquette, from whom I acquired the pieces, the hardened resin goes through a few stages before it becomes actual amber. But what I have for you is still SUPER COOL! There are quite a few critters caught in this beautiful heart-shaped piece, more than shown here. Allen polished  the one piece, left the other in a more natural state and took the pictures you see here.

So how do you get these amazing bits of million-year-old copal and a copy of CiA? Leave a comment, with your email addy, telling me the best geeky thing about yourself. No geekiness is too big or too small. I WILL ship internationally, if laws allow. And if there are restrictions on the ebook file we’ll figure something out : ) The comments will remain open through February 3 and I’ll announce the winner on Monday, Feb. 4. Thanks for stopping by!

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Winner of Jill Sorenson’s AFTERSHOCK

Sorry for the delay in announcing, folks. Crazy week here at Casa Pegau. Crazier than normal.

The winner of Jill Sorenson’s latest is Veronica Scott! Congrats, Veronica!

Thanks for dropping by, everyone! Come back soon  : )




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The Value of “Women’s Work”–Ruth Diaz on Super Women

(excerpt fromThe Superheroes Union: Dynama)

“Why do you think I decided to work with children?” The smile spread across her whole face. “Everybody thinks it’s easy, like it was a gimme degree and anybody could take care of kids. They’re wrong. Some people are really bad at it, and some people just don’t care enough. A lot of supers just have too much on their minds. They get lost in the crisis and forget about what’s really important. So yeah, I may be twenty-seven and still living with my roommates from when we were all undergrads, but I love what I do.”

“Good for you,” TJ said softly. She cleared her throat, trying not to go all awkward in the face of that confession. “Me too. I was the kid that was always a crusader in search of a crusade, and I went into the Foreign Service. Probably do more saving the world in my day job than I ever will as a superhero.”

Annmarie shrugged and toyed with the stem of her wine glass. “The world needs both.”


When I began working on The Superheroes Union: Dynama, I knew I was writing a love story and I knew I was writing comic-book suspense. I didn’t expect the strong feminist undercurrent running through the book. But with TJ and Annmarie being who they are, I couldn’t have written a story that felt true for them without it.

It’s not that it revolves around feminist philosophy. But TJ is a superhero and Annmarie is a childcare worker, so questions of work and worth keep coming up for them. TJ is trying to save the world, both in her day job and as a superhero, and she’s hampered by centuries of Western culture influencing the people around her to believe that as a woman, she can’t do that. Being a woman and a Latina are both central to her identity, and she constantly has to prove that her work is as valuable as that of a man doing the same job.

Even superheroes have some bigots and idiots amongst them.

As a childcare worker, Annmarie has the opposite struggle. Because the work she does is historically considered “women’s work,” it is traditionally undervalued. At one point, TJ observes something Annmarie is doing and thinks to herself that “it’s like having a wife”–not to devalue what Annmarie does, but in appreciation of the level of hard work that goes into taking care of TJ’s rambunctious seven-year-old twins.

When you’re reading, do you ever find yourself noticing the type of struggles a heroine has simply because she’s a woman? And if you do, is it something you appreciate, or just one more element in a well-written story?

What if your evil ex really was evil?

TJ Gutierrez used to be a superhero. But after the birth of her twins seven years ago, she hung up the yellow spandex. Until the day her archenemy and ex-husband, Singularity, breaks out of prison. When it becomes clear he’s after the kids, she’s forced to call the nanny helpline—and once again become…Dynama!

Annmarie Smith doesn’t have a superpower. She saves the world by keeping kids safe while their parents fight evil. She temporarily moves in with TJ, and the way the magnetic mama puts family first captures Annmarie’s respect, and maybe her heart—even though she knows better than to fall for a superhero. Still, it’s hard to resist their wicked chemistry. Kapow!

But they can only hide from the world for so long. When Singularity’s quest for custody puts the kids’ lives in danger, can the two women conquer the evil villain and save TJ’s family—all before their first date?

The Superheroes Union: Dynama is available from Carina Press. You can read an excerpt here.

Carina Press store | |


Cathy here: I’m always on the lookout for great speculative fiction, and the superhero genre is gaining momentum. Ruth Diaz’s f/f tale The Superheroes Union: Dynama is sure to please!

And bonus! There is a giveaway of cool stuff on Ruth’s blog Go! Go now! Win stuff!

Ruth Diaz writes genre romances about non-mainstream relationships. She hides a number of publications in a different genre under another name, but The Superheroes Union: Dynama is her first romance publication. For more information, you can subscribe to her blog, like her on Facebook, or follow @RuthDiazWrites on Twitter (where she is most active and, well, opinionated).

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SFR Brigade Mid Summer Blog Hop Winner!!!!

Woo hoo! What a great blog hop! Lots of fantastic comments and interesting posts.

Thank you all so much for participating. I wish I could give every one of my commentors a prize, but, alas, there is only one from here. And that one is….


*Confetti in air*

Diana won a copy of Rulebreaker and an Amazon gift card.

But wait! There’s more!

Be sure to check the SFR Brigade blog for the GRAND prize winner. Really. DO IT!!!! (That’s a hint, people!)

Yanno, I love giving things away so much, and Rulebreaker‘s first “birthday” is coming up in August…Yep! I’m gonna do this again!

In the meantime, feel free to buy it if you can’t wait ; )

Thanks again, everyone! I had a great time and hope you did too!

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Since It’s Posted in PM, It Must Be True

From Publishers Marketplace: Cathy Pegau’s CAUGHT IN AMBER, sci-fi suspense about a former drug addict enlisted to get close to her ex-lover and drug dealer to help save a federal agent’s addicted sister, who finds herself falling in love with the sexy agent, and BREATHLESS, to Angela James at Carina Press, for publication in 2013, by Natalie Fischer Lakosil at Bradford Literary Agency (World).

(Thanks for the head’s up, Loreth ; )

Yes, I’ve know about the deal for a while now, but hadn’t said anything official until I okayed it with my lovely agent, Natalie. So now we all know.

I’m super excited to be working with Rhonda Helms on these books. She was fantastic with RULEBREAKER, and I know AMBER and BREATHLESS will be in good hands with her whipping guiding things.I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the input of my crit partners Jody Wallace and Sharron McClellan Camaratta and beta readers Melanie and Bella (did I miss anyone?). I thought AMBER would never get good enough to submit, but with patience and excellent revision notes, Natalie made it happen.

Okay! Back to work on BREATHLESS so Rhonda doesn’t hurt me.

Thanks, everyone!

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Anniversary Contest!

My husband and I will be celebrating 20 years of marriage on February 29th. That’s five anniversaries. Well, five REAL anniversaries. On “off” years, we have an arrangement. His anniversary is on February 28th and mine is on March 1st. I give him a card or wish him happy anniversary then he remembers to do the same the following day.

Getting hitched on Leap Year Day was planned for that simple reason, to remind him of the date. I figured he could manage the right date every four years. So far, so good. And on those off years, I don’t concern myself it he’s had to travel or forgets or doesn’t get me anything. I don’t usually get him anything either. It’s been a great 20 years with my husband, and I know how much he loves and cares for me by the things he does for our family, not by the stuff that accumulates in our home.

Thank you, honey, for being a great husband and dad.

In honor of our anniversary, I’m having an Alaska goodies giveaway. Local tee shirt, a tote bag, some other AK stuff. How do you win? In the comments below, tell me about your best/worst anniversary or wedding memory. You can also complete the line “You know you’re an Alaskan when…” Here are some samples:

You know you’re an Alaskan when…..
…..your “signature” lip color is Carmex.
… keep your snow shovel out year ‘round.
…’ve only seen 4th of July fireworks when you were down in the Lower 48. (But who wants to leave AK in July??? It’s the best time of year to be here!)

So give me your stories and/or your Alaskan comments. I’ll do a random drawing on Sunday, March 4, and yes, I will ship internationally : )

Let’s see what ya got!

ETA: Winner has been chosen! LE, you get some sort of AK stuff! Email me at

Thanks for commenting, everyone! I totally enjoyed your stories and “You know you’re an Alaskan” quips : )

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